Do your goals come with excess baggage?

What are the first thoughts in your mind when you read these statements:

I want to travel the world
I want to own the car of my dreams
I want own an apartment of my own

Do you hear a little voice in your mind that whispers something along the lines of:

I need to have the money first
How in the world I’m going to finance these dreams of mine?
Who in their right mind would give me what I want just like that?

Uh-oh, be careful.

Perhaps you would start to belief that you will need money first before you could achieve your wants or goals. That’s the sign that you’re picking up excess baggage on your journey towards your goals. And boy, would it be a gruelling journey dragging that weight around.

Especially after The Secret boom, many have tried to manifest their dreams and goals but to little or no visible results until much later. Some might have given up along the way.

It is not that LOA doesn’t work. The Universe just gets confused on what you really want to manifest sometimes. For example:

One moment you want to own that BMW, then the other second you want money because you want to be able to purchase the car.

See the Universe as a waiter taking your order. If you keep changing your orders, how can the waiter deliver what you want?

Check your thoughts. Be clear with what you want and leave the rest to the Universe. The Universe always knows the best way to lead you towards your goals or wants.

How do we chuck those excess baggage away?

As we progress through our lives, our belief system is programmed based on each experience we go through which then affect our thinking, actions and beliefs.

A few tools that help us focus on our goals rather than the baggage that comes with it are:

Vision board:
A vision board is a board where you put a collage of pictures, words or notes that reflects your wants or goals.

Put it at a place that you will see it often such as on the wall in front of your workdesk, next to your mirror or any other places that you are able to see it as often as possible. This tool can help you to stay focus on the goal, conditioning your mind on the outcome rather than the ‘how’s.


Another way you can do it is through prayer. Regardless of what religious background you come from, a little prayer can bring you a long way. Or if it feels more comfortable to you, offer a little request to the Universe for some help. (For more on the power of prayer with a scientific twist, my recommended read is “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy)

Repeat your prayer whenever you feel down or negative about your goals. Say your prayer in the morning when you get out of bed and just before you sleep. This will help you set your subconscious mind towards your goals. This acts as a boost towards manifesting your goals. :)

Hope these 2 tips are able to help you focus on your goals and reduce your baggage or beliefs that come along with your goals.

Other methods that I highly recommend to release those baggages are (click for more info):

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Break free from your baggage and run free towards your goals!


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